Forest Honey 350gm


Color: Extremely Dark Color

Taste: Has a Specific Smell & Taste.

It’s Rich in Minerals, Antioxidant & Iron.

Usage: Forest Honey Recommended for anemic People, Children, Pregnant Women As well as Athletes

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  1. Forest honey is recommended for diabetics ( Consult your Physician – Before using) Honey itself has a low glycemic index and is known as a healthier substitute for sugar. Since forest honey is not obtained from sweet flower nectar, it contains even less sugar, so it is recommended for diabetics.
  2. Because mineral salts balance the hydration of the body, forest honey is especially recommended for athletes who lose a large amount of water and salt from the body through sweating. After training, it is enough to dissolve two teaspoons of honey in a glass of water.
  3. Forest honey is also recommended for pregnant women, but those with a more sensitive stomach should be careful with its consumption because due to its aromatic nature it can stimulate the production of stomach acid.
  4. Forest honey is recommended for respiratory diseases, Forest honey owes its impressive antibacterial properties to high pH levels, low moisture content and hydrogen peroxide – a powerful disinfectant that occurs naturally as a result of the reaction between glucose, sugar and enzymes secreted by bees.For this reason, forest honey is recommended for sore throats, to relieve coughs, and for faster recovery after severe and respiratory illnesses. Especially with pneumonia.
  5. Forest honey strengthens the vascular system and reduces the risk of tumor development, Forest honey is rich in flavonoids – phytochemicals ubiquitous in nature, many of which occur in vegetables, fruits and beverages such as tea, wine, coffee and fruit-based juices. Flavonoids act as strong antioxidants, and our body uses them to reduce the inflammatory reaction, lower high blood pressure, speed up and strengthen blood flow, and fight free radicals that can cause disease and cause aging. They have aroused considerable interest because of research that has shown that the consumption of foods rich in these phytonutrients is associated with a significantly lower risk of developing tumors of the mouth, throat, colon, breast, kidney and ovary.

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100% pure honey


309 kcal


0.15 g


68 g


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