Chestnut Forest Honey 950gm


Color: Dark Yellow to Reddish

Taste: Has a special taste that is not very appealing to everyone.

Usage: Extra ordinary effect in recovery from acute infectious jaundice ,bile surgery and the like , the High fructose is a very good energy store, Chestnut honey strengthens the immune system, Chestnut honey protects you against heart disease

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Taste: Has a special taste that is not very appealing to everyone. If you decide to taste chestnut honey for the first time, keep in mind that THE DARKER THE COLOR THE MORE INTENSE AND AROMATIC THE TASTE.

With its unique aromatic taste, chestnut honey is highly beneficial against many diseases in the body with its high minerals, strong antioxidant properties and antibacterial properties. Especially when cinnamon and chestnut honey are consumed together, the effects on the body are immediately noticed. Here are the 10 miracle benefits of chestnut honey:

  1. High fructose is a very good energy store. Chestnut honey is very rich in fructose. You can consume chestnut honey regularly to get rid of your body fatigue. Thus, you will feel more vigorous by getting rid of fatigue.
  2. The problem of acne is one of the problems that many people suffer. Chestnut honey is good for acne with antibacterial effect. You can apply chestnut honey as a mask to your face by mixing with oat flour. It also reduces skin exfoliation.
  3. It prevents the wrinkles caused by aging due to the high antioxidants it contains. The anti-aging feature makes your skin look younger.
  4. Chestnut honey strengthens the immune system. Thus, war against diseases and microbes.
  5. B vitamin, vitamin C, minerals and iron rich chestnut honey strengthens the muscles and bones, increases blood circulation. It is also used in the treatment of liver and stomach diseases.
  6. Chestnut honey protects you against heart disease. Helps prevent heart attack by lowering cholesterol. It strengthens the heart rhythm.
  7. It is also rich in antioxidant and it is good for arthritis diseases which cause inflammation in joints.
  8. It is also against the flu, colds and colds that are frequently encountered when the weather gets cold. It affects cough and tonsillitis.
  9. Chestnut honey is also effective in eye diseases. It helps your eyes see well. It also reduces the risk of eye diseases such as cataracts.
  10. Chestnut honey is good for digestive system. Eliminates the problem of constipation. At the same time, morning and evening chestnut honey helps to lose weight when consumed regularly.

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100% pure honey


309 kcal


0.15 g


68 g


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