Love Passion to Premium Chocolate The Brand Cacao

Chocolates Full of Love,
Passion & Deliciousness!

Cacao & Cake handcrafts all of its chocolates from scratch within our premises using nothing but the best ingredients! We provide customized gourmet classic chocolates cakes & pastries for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and much more.
  • Finest Chocolate 100% Fresh & chocolate shop with great taste & fragrance!
  • Amazing Prices Great prices that provide high value without breaking your brank!
  • Stellar Quality Unparalleled quality of handcrafted chocolate made from the finest ingredients!

Handcrafted With Passion,
Love & Affection

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“Cacao & Cake is a chocolate shop that is on a mission to create the best classic chocolates that make people smile. We craft all our chocolates from scratch within our premises using nothing but the best & finest ingredients for unmatched quality of taste.”

Orlando Detmers
pastry chef

What our Buyers Say


It was my father’s birthday, and I wanted to make his special day even better. I also wanted an cake shop that would provide online cake  delivery. That is when.

Stefanie Rashford

My parent’s marriage anniversary was coming up, and I wanted to give them a special surprise. I wanted a good, cake shop to provide me with high-quality classic chocolates and cakes..

Patric Stone

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Hugo James

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Cassie Carleton

“Explore Our Amazing Classic Chocolates Made With Love ”